July 6th welcome International Kissing Day. We all know the beautiful sensation and appreciation of a good kiss. It puts a beautiful end to a romantic evening and is a powerful form of making a connection with someone you feel strongly for. But did you know that kissing has health benefits, too?

Health benefits of kissing

1. Kissing strengthens the body’s immune system. When you kiss you exchange saliva with your partner, and all of the bacteria that comes with it. This exposure to germs helps build up your immune system.

2. Kissing helps a person burn some calories. On a per minute basis, the amount of calories that is burned ranges from 2 to about 6. This may not sound like a lot but if your go on a ten minute ride with your loved one you have already burned 20 to 60 calories.

3. Kissing can help you develop and tone your facial muscles. Yes, kissing is like giving your face a workout on its own. Hitting the gym my tone up your arms, legs, and core, but it is your face that gets the most work when you go kissing your special someone. The reason for this is that when you kiss, you are moving 30 muscles. Now that’s a workout.

4. Kissing can help you relax and release some stress. Natural Oxytocin production is increased due to kissing. This is the chemical that leads the body to calm down and relax. Aside from this, endorphin production is also increased. Endorphins are the hormones that make people feel good and happy. Kissing also increases dopamine, which produces strong romantic emotions that anyone would enjoy.
Now you know that kissing can make you happy and healthy. Maybe it is time for you to spend more time with the person you love.