The month of love is here, and it is time to glam up and look fab for a romantic Valentine’s Day. Here’s a list of February beauty tips full of shimmering fabulous goodness.

Valentines heart

Spice up your evening look with some shimmers. Adding some glittering shimmers can make your look bold and attractive. It is just like putting on an elegant wardrobe or the latest bling. However, using shimmer all over your body and face is a no-no. Use shimmers and glitters sparingly. Too much glitter would make it look like you are preparing for the Halloween rather than Valentine’s. What you must rather do is to select an area of your face or body that you want the eyes to focus. You can add shimmer to your shoulders, especially if you are wearing a tube dress or an off-shoulder dress. You can also add shimmers to your cheeks, or eyes.

Just like other makeups, your skin tone matters when selecting the right shimmer. If you have a fair or light complexion, it is safe to go for soft hues of pink, lilac, sky blue and silvers. If you have a light to tan complexion, light golden makeup hues and yellowish greens for eye makeup will make you look dashing. For medium to dark complexion, purple, bronze, copper and deep lilac hues will look great on you.

Use luminizers to properly blend in shimmers. Mixing shimmers to luminizing fluid can help you apply shimmers evenly. Makeup experimentation is encouraged.

It’s easy to add shimmers to eye makeup, but to make sure that it will look good, choose eye shadows that will complement the color of your eyes. Use plums, browns, lilacs, pinkish shades and reddish tones for hazel and green eyes, while golds, camel, browsns, and apricots will look great for blue eyes. For those with brown eyes, use greens, plums, grays and other vibrant colors.

Lastly, you can use shimmers with your lipstick to create a mesmerizing look. However, avoid applying shimmers both on the lips and eyes. You don’t want to overkill.

Do you have additional tips on how to use and add shimmers on your makeup? If you do, tell us. We would love to read your thoughts.