Valentine’s Day is not only about your husband, fiance, wife, boyfriend, mom, dad or friends. More importantly, Valentine’s Day is about YOU. It is all about loving yourself before you can love someone else. They say that love must begin within yourself before you begin loving others. Loving yourself first is empowerment. This will allow you to strengthen your inner self before you can surpass the trials of loving others.


They say that the beauty within must radiate outside. This Valentine’s Day, treat yourself and be reminded how lovely you are by nourishing yourself. Nourishing yourself starts by nourishing your skin. This valentine’s day, buy yourself a gift that will nourish your beauty, like Erase Repair. To guide you on your V-day shopping, here is a list of top skin gifts that you can spoil for yourself with.

  1. Erase Repair HA. This product is designed to awaken your skin’s true beauty. It is a potent skincare to restore your gorgeous glow. Having the purest of ingredients that delve beneath the surface, this exceptional line of skincare nourishes your skin from the inside out. Erase Repair cream address skin woes on a cellular level and erase signs of stress caused by environmental toxins and irritants. This is derived from serious science, with radiant results. Discover the rejuvenation that comes from healthy, happy, holistic skincare this valentine’s day.

    This month of love, get a dewy, youthful complexion with hyaluronic acid, the “miracle-worker” molecule, capable of holding 1000x its own weight in water that eliminates excess oils in your face. It is proven to be the best anti-wrinkle solution that softens, soothes, and plumps skin. Erase Repair contains antioxidant defense against free-radical damage, reduces inflammation. Erase Repair is hypoallergenic and suitable for all skin types.

  2. Loofahs. Although you may call them a loofah sponge, these long, fibrous bath accessories come from a vegetable source and not from plastic or synthetic source. The luffa plant, a relative of the cucumber, produces large gourds that leave a durable network of fibers after treating and drying the fruit. The resulting mildly abrasive scrubber exfoliates your skin and enhances surface circulation. This nature’s product exfoliates dry skin cells in the epidermis. Normal friction removes some of these shed cells, but others remain in place, dulling your complexion or turning it ashy. Exfoliation helps this natural process along, using gentle friction to brush extra skin cells from the surface of your skin. Removing dead skin cells not only advances the look of your skin, but it also eliminates places where bacteria and soil could collect.
  3. Face Masks. One of the main benefits of face masks is that they offer a wide range of skin care benefits in one easy application. You can use a face mask to clarify, moisturize, cleanse or lighten your skin.

Whatever gift you do this Valentine’s Day, don’t forget to treat yourself. Nourish your inner beauty and your skin.