Dermatologists are known to take care of their patients’ skin. But it is intriguing to think about the ways that they care for their own skin.

Dermatologist care

They cut down on their sugar consumption.

This is all based on the equation that sugar intake should not be more than 10% of the total calorie count that a person consumes. The truth is that dermatologists have known this fact for a long time now. The real effect comes from the fact that sugar has the ability to harden the body’s collagen. Collagen is the protein that helps the skin stay healthy. Without it, the skin dries up and wrinkles start to appear.

They always use an eye cream.

The eye lid is the skin that is the thinnest and dries up faster than the rest. It is important to apply a cream with antioxidants and peptides in it, like Erase Repair.

They use silk pillowcases on the pillows they sleep on.

Non-silk pillow cases can leave sleep lines on your face. Although there are experts who say there is no truth to this, but there seems to be some studies that prove otherwise. The real issue here is not what causes the lines, it is what touches your face when you sleep. If it is a rough material, it will scratch and cause thin lines on your skin. But since dermatologists use silk, they lay on smooth fabric that simply grazes their facial skin and does not do any subtle damage.

They eat bright colored vegetables and fruits.

No, most of them are not vegetarians or vegans but they do include a lot of fruits and vegetables into their diet. These foods have high contents of antioxidants which makes the skin shine. The pigment carotenoids in fruits and vegetables are what make the skin shine brighter.

They use their headsets when they talk on their smartphones.

A cellphone is littered with germs. Bacteria are known to exist on the exterior of cell phones. Some studies say that your mobile phone is dirtier than your toilet. This is the main reason why dermatologists do not let their phones touch their facial skin.