Did you know cocoa has health benefits? It’s been classified as a superfood that contains active minerals beneficial to our body. Whether processed as chocolates or hot drinks, there are many ways to enjoy cocoa. Plus, nothing comforts the entire family during winter like a cup of hot cocoa.

At Erase Repair, we recognize that many things in life offer health benefits, such as cocoa. That’s why we’re continually exploring ways to improve the feel and appearance of your skin. Here are further details on the reported health benefits of cocoa.

Protects the skin

Cocoa has antioxidants that protect the skin. Research shows that cocoa has greater antioxidant properties as compared to green tea and red wine. In one study, women who drank a cocoa beverage had less skin reddening when exposed to UV light.

Prevents skin aging

The benefit’s in cocoa are reported by some to slow down the process of skin aging. Since a primary contributor to wrinkle creation is UV rays from sunlight, anything that protects against harmful effects of UV rays is good.

Stabilizes blood pressure

Some studies even suggest that cocoa may have beneficial effects on blood pressure after consumption.

Boosts brain health

Cocoa can improve blood flow to the brain and improve memory function and help to maintain a healthy mind.

Fights bad cholesterol

Some suggest that cocoa can lower the bad cholesterol in the blood and can improve the production of good cholesterol.

Relieves asthma

Cocoa contains theophylline and xanthine. Some studies suggest that these substances have the potential to open up the bronchial tubes and relax spasms in
the bronchi, which happens during allergic reactions and asthma attacks.

With the knowledge of how cocoa can improve health and skin, we hope you’ll embrace this miracle ingredient more. From all of us at Erase Repair, thanks
for reading.