Beauty & Truth is committed to the development of skin care products that reveal true beauty by using only the highest quality ingredients. One of the company’s most popular products, wrinkle-reducing Erase Repair HA, experienced a marked increase in sales in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day.

Erase Repair

Beauty & Truth uses all-natural formulas and only the purest ingredients for its skin care products. Erase Repair HA provides many of the benefits of expensive anti-aging cosmetic procedures for a small fraction of the cost. Erase Repair HA supports skin elasticity and firmness, allowing for younger, plumper-looking skin. The product’s primary ingredient, hyaluronic acid (HA), helps minimize wrinkles and provide a healthy glow. Hollywood celebrities have endorsed the product as a “fountain of youth in a jar.” Most users report results in just two weeks of use.

Strong May sales indicated the popularity of Erase Repair HA as a Mother’s Day gift. Beauty & Truth often sees increases in product sales before holidays, including Valentine’s Day and Christmas. Mother’s Day saw a similar uptick in profits as customers opted to pamper their moms with skin care products such as Erase Repair HA.

“Moms sometimes skimp on their own care to focus on their children,” said Rebecca Thompson, Beauty & Truth Vice President of Product Development. “Erase Repair allows moms to feel youthful and beautiful, just like they deserve to feel. Our May sales showed that this product was in high demand for Mother’s Day.”