National Pink Day is celebrated every year on June 23rd. This special day lets everyone celebrate everything about the color pink. This includes all of the things that pink represents in our society.
It was just in the late 17th century that Pink was given its name as a color. The name of the color pink, which is a pale shade of red, was based from a flower of the same color and name. According to various surveys across Europe and the United States, the color pink is highly associated with sensitivity, femininity, tenderness and romance.

Pink Day

During the 14th century, there is a verb “to pink” which means “to decorate with a perforated pattern.” Through the years, the meaning of the color pink has evolved. It was not a common color during the Middle Ages where it is only used in women’s fashion or as a decoration or art. Pink was associated with human flesh because of its depiction in such famous paintings. It was during the Rococo Period that the color pink emerged as a trend. During this time, other shades of color known as Pastel colors became very common in terms of fashion. Royalty like queens started wearing the color pink.

By the 20th century, the color pink has become bolder and brighter than ever. In the following years to come, pink became a representation of femininity and in effect is highly associated with women.

This coming National Pink Day, celebrate your femininity and be proud to be a woman. You can simply celebrate this special day by wearing pink. You can even throw a party with pink as a theme. Aside from that, you can also pamper yourself on this very special day. Feel good about yourself just like how Erase Repair helps you celebrate your own beauty. Erase Repair is a product that will help you minimize the early signs of aging in your skin. Erase Repair supports women empowerment and celebrates the National Pink Day as the day to be proud of your own femininity, sensitivity and tenderness.