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Homemade Hydrating Face Mask Recipe

Harsh winds can turn your facial skin dry and rough. It does not only happen during the frigid days of winter but also during the warm days of summer. People may go outdoors during summer months and feel the effects of the harsh sun and arid winds. The solution, of... read more

The Best Cucumber Face Mask Recipe

Do you love cucumbers because of their fresh taste on your salad? Beyond just tasting great, cucumber can be a cool skin refresher. The cucumber’s extracts possess many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, making it an excellent ingredient for a face mask.... read more

How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots on the Skin

People who are exposed to the harsh rays of the sun often develop brown spots. Brown spots are referred to by various terms such as age spots, liver spots, sun spots, and more. They occur on the skin areas that get too much exposure to ultraviolet radiation from the... read more

Don’t Let Summer Dry out your Skin

Summer can be hard on your skin, leaving it dry and lifeless. There is the harsh heat, the threat of sunburn, salt water from the ocean, or chlorine from the swimming pool. All of these elements can take their toll on the skin. If you find your skin feeling dry this... read more

Natural Sunburn Cures [infographic]

Don’t know how to cure your sunburn? There are natural ways to remedy the effects of red-hot skin due to long exposure to sunlight. You can use potato paste, oatmeal, fat-free milk, mint, and tea. These foods can soothe the skin and prevent inflammation. Aside from... read more