An almond is a tree nut that is used not only as a food item but also as an ingredient in many beauty products. The nutty oil extracted from almonds is believed to be important in promoting both heart and skin health. Almond oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, proteins, zinc, potassium, and other vitamins and minerals that benefit the heart, hair, and skin.

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There are two varieties of almonds: sweet and bitter. The latter is extracted from the bitter almond. It contains amygdalin, a glycoside, which is converted into toxic hydrocyanic acid when processed. Most almond trees in the forest produce bitter almonds that contain different degrees of glycoside. A person may die after ingesting glycoside. Bitter almond oil may be used for some medicinal purposes and is safe for external application. Exercise caution in using bitter almond oil because of the risk of poisoning.

The sweet variety of almond oil comes only from edible almonds that are selectively cultivated because of their sweet taste. Sweet almond oil is popularly used for skin and hair care, in addition to its different culinary applications. Skincare products from Beauty & Truth include sweet almond oil in the ingredients.

Here are just a few of the reasons to use sweet almond oil:

  • Smooths the skin – Sweet almond oil is a mild and hypoallergenic oil that is safe for use on different skin types, including highly sensitive baby skin. It can be applied after a bath and should be massaged into the skin for full absorption. People find the oil’s nutty smell to be very pleasant, but the scent may be further enhanced with a drop of lavender or any other essential oil.
  • Cleanses – Sweet almond oil has a light texture, allowing for easy and deep penetration of the skin. It softens the skin while dislodging dirt and debris from the skin pores and hair follicles. It can help prevent blackheads and reduce acne flare-ups because it contains vitamin A.
  • Removes dark circles – Sweet almond oil can help get rid of dark circles and bags under the eyes. Skin pain and redness due to sun exposure can also be remedied by applying sweet almond oil.
  • Relieves eczema and psoriasis – These skin problems are caused by the body’s reaction to different external and internal triggers, leaving the skin in the affected area both dry and itchy. You can minimize these conditions with sweet almond oil.

The humble almond is much more than just a tasty nut. It can also be a key to healthy, vibrant, young-looking skin.