The skin is the biggest organ in the human body. And it is also the body’s initial line of defense against illnesses. So it is important that you take care of your skin the right way. Here are 8 skin care tips for a beautiful, youthful appearance.

Skin care tips

1. Minimize using soap or any stringent on your face. Most soaps are too harsh for your face. The wrong soap or stringent cant leave your face dry and looking old. When washing your face use only water or a mild soap, and follow up your wash by moisturizing your face with Erase Repair.

2. Avoid skin toner that has denatured alcohol. Alcohol has the tendency of dehydrating skin. As a result, dead skin cells mount up making your skin looking flat. The adverse effect of this is that the skin will try and cope with the dehydration by over producing oil which creates oily skin.

3. Do not let your face come into full contact with your pillow. This is a tricky one. Yes, you can still sleep using a pillow but try and rest on the back of your head. By minimizing your face’s direct exposure to your pillow you’ll avoid brushing against the dead skin, debris, or harshness of your pillow’s fabric.

4. Get a regular facial. Whether you prefer a spa or a professional esthetician, receiving a regular facial can cause oxygen and blood to circulate properly in your face, leaving you with a nice glow and tone.

5. Determine your skin type and use products compatible to it. Different products for different skin. Not all products work on all types of skin.

6. Use an exfoliant. Glycolic, lactic and salicylic acids are the top choice exfoliants in the market. They have the ability to hide the presence of previous skin damage.

7. Drink hot lemon water during your breakfast. A cup of hot water infused with lemon juice can minimize pimples and acne breakouts. Just simply take a whole lemon, slice in half, heat a cup of water, place it in a mug and squeeze the two halves of lemon into the water and drink.

8. Do an application test before applying a new product on your skin. This is so true for sensitive skin. Avoid fully covering your face in a new product as to avoid the wrong tone of makeup or an allergic reaction. Apply a small test portion to determine results before fully applying elsewhere.