For each skin tip out there you also seem to hear equally damming facts. How do you know fact vs fiction? Here are some of the top myths vs truths about skin care.

Skin Care Myths and the Truth

1. Myth: Laser treatment can make one look a lot younger.
Truth: The truth is lasers can only do so much and it all depends on the condition of your skin.

2. Myth: Having a tan in a salon is safe because the machines do not emit UVB radiation.
Truth: It may be true that there is no presence of UVB in tanning machines. However, it still emits UVA which also causes damage to the skin since it goes deep and causes the skin to dry up.

3. Myth: You get better protection with a higher SPF.
Truth: SPF is only designed to deal with UVB. With UVB blocked by SPF, UVA freely penetrates the skin.

4. Myth: A gloomy day means you can hide your sunscreen.
Truth: UVA and UVB continuously penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere and makes contact with the skin, even on gloomy days. Applying sunscreen even on gray days is beneficial.

5. Myth: Using soap and water to scrub your face will keep acne away.
Truth: The scrubbing action together with the residue of soap can also strip your skin of beneficial oils and protective layers of skin that can make it susceptible to skin conditions like acne and rash.

6. Myth: Popping a zit is totally fine.
Truth: Popping a zit may force the dirt out, but it can also push some down further, causing the zit to become inflamed, return worse, or scar.