Mediterranean cuisine is among the heartiest cuisines on the planet. In recognition of Mediterranean Diet Month, here are the top reasons to love Mediterranean food.

Mediterranean Diet

Low Amounts of Saturated Fat.

Dieticians all over say that saturated fat in food can cause a lot of ailments. Some of these ailments include heart diseases and diabetes. Surprisingly, Mediterranean diet food has very little saturated fat. Approximately only 8% of a Mediterranean diet contains saturated fat.

Mediterranean Diets are Heavy on Fruits and Vegetables.

Mediterranean people eat a lot of fresh vegetables and fruits. In fact, the content of the fruits and vegetables that are in common Mediterranean diets often exceed the amount recommended in other dietary and nutritional plans. Fruits and vegetables have lots of benefits in ones life and health. With the presence of a lot of vitamins and nutrients in fruits and vegetables, Mediterranean diets are good for your weight and skin health.

The Mediterranean diets are rich in Fiber and Whole Grains.
With fiber and whole grains in abundance in Mediterranean diets, some studies suggest that this type of diet may lower your chances of cancer.

It has high contents of anti-oxidants.

Mediterranean diets are high in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants play a significant role in maintaining the body — including organs, muscles and skin — in top condition. A diet high in anti-oxidants is believed to ensure that a person will live a longer, healthier life. Partaking of a Mediterranean diet means that one will experience meals that will help them maintain healthy body functions, including the brain, the heart, skin and muscles. Not only that, but experts say that a high fiber diet may prolong ones life.

Not much red meat in it.

Since this type of diet does not include a lot of red meat, bad cholesterol is then kept at a minimum. People who partake of a Mediterranean diet have a lower chance of experiencing a stroke, heart ailments and hypertension.

It has high amounts of lean meats.

This type of diet includes a complete gamut of lean meats. But the trick here is to take it in the correct portions. Reasonable amounts of lean meat is the cause for healthy living for those who partake of it.